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Line, one of the top five global messaging apps, made more than $270 million in sales in 2015 from selling branded content.*

Swyft helps you monetize your branded content by connecting you to our unparalleled network of messaging app partners, encompassing over 2.1 billion users.




Monetize your mobile content

Swyft’s Mobile Engagement Platform enables you to develop new revenue streams for your mobile content across messaging and personalization apps. Simply share your content and Swyft will build a strategy to deploy, promote, and monetize it throughout our extensive network of mobile messaging partners.




Deploy your content easily through Swyft's Mobile Engagement Platform

Take advantage of Swyft’s extensive network of messaging and personalization app partners and existing APIs to expand the revenue opportunities and reach of your branded mobile content to the rapidly expanding population of messaging app users. 


Open new revenue streams 

Once content is integrated, you’ll be able to generate revenue through:

  • Branded content sales - premium content via paid in-app purchases 

  • Peripheral ads - premium free content paired with revenue-generating native ads

  • Brand integrations - deep integrations with brands and sponsors for a seamless user experience

Swyft will help you develop a plan tailored to your revenue goals. 



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Reach your audience through Swyft's extensive partner network

Swyft works with more than 30 messaging and personalization app providers to offer branded content that engages over 2.1 billion monthly users. 



Past success


Swyft Media content available on the App store for iMessage and Google Play.


Case Study: Carolina Hurricanes

Learn how the Carolina Hurricanes emojified their players leading to over 50,000 interactions in the first 24 hours.  

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1.         TechCrunch article, 6/13/16, “Chat app Line makes over $270 million a year from selling stickers”