Social and messaging apps have a day one retention rate of almost 33%, but fall to around 15% by day seven.* The longer your users go without engaging with your app, the less likely they are to return. 

Swyft Media's platform allows you to engage users with seamless integration of native content, delivered at the perfect time and monetized without disrupting the user experience. 




Select content suited to your user experience

Swyft offers several different content integration options that allow you to generate new revenue and increase app engagement, without disrupting the user experience. Start by choosing the content that matches how your users engage with your app or device.

Swyft’s existing partnerships with over 300 brands and content providers provides your app with endless opportunities for integrating content that will keep your users engaged. 



Drive additional revenue streams

Once content is integrated, you’ll be able to generate revenue for your app through:

  • Branded content sales

  • Peripheral ads

  • Brand integrations

Swyft will help you develop a plan tailored to your app’s user experience and revenue goals. 


Easily integrate content

Integrating the engaging content your users want is easily done by using Swyft’s APIs and SDKs. 


Join Swyft's network of app partners

Swyft works with more than 30 messaging and personalization app providers to integrate branded content that engages over 2.1 billion monthly users. 


Start engaging your users with Swyft content