eBook 5 Ways to Empower Brand Advocates

You may have a crowd of fans and followers, but are you supporting and engaging your Advocates? Brand Advocates are your most loyal, engaged customer base. They willingly promote your brand within their networks and are a trustworthy source and inspire people to engage with you. 

Learn the five simple practices to put in place to ensure you’re attracting and empowering your Brand Advocates with Swyft Media’s eBook.


Webinar: Building brand advocates through mobile messaging 

Watch this webinar hosted by Evan Wray, VP and Co-founder of Swyft Media, for an in-depth discussion about messaging apps and why they should be part of your marketing strategy.

The webinar focuses on opportunities for brands and the expected ROI from building a messaging app engagement strategy. Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • How mobile messaging apps are quickly becoming the new, and better, social media
  • The numerous ways brands can market to this highly engaged user base
  • Examples of brands who have successfully connected with customers via mobile messaging campaigns

eBook Mobile Messaging 101

Effective marketing is all about engagement — when it comes to millennials, their spending power coupled with advancing technology means marketers must go mobile. With billions of users, mobile messaging has quickly become the most powerful and effective way for brands to capture millennials’ attention. Learn the benefits of advertising in mobile messaging and how effective it is for your brand.


eBook: Brand Engagement Checklist

What is a millennial and why do they matter to your brand? How can you engage this audience and lay the foundation for an engaged customer base with your messaging and content? These questions are all vital to how your brand can tap into the $600 billion in buying power millennials hold right now and for the future. Learn how brands can reach millennial consumers with 5 key tips you can implement today.