Kik Nails Messaging Measurement: It's About Attention, Not Tap Apps

According to the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report, there are now billions of messaging app users around the world. Increasingly, consumers are shifting away from mediums like Facebook and Twitter to engage in a more personal, one-to-one community offered in mobile messaging apps like Kik, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger With that, brands are rethinking the way they engage with consumers in mobile. Traditional metrics of success (page visits, time on page, etc.) are less useful in a world that expects tailored, personal interactions. These metrics do not tell the full story, leaving brands scratching their heads as to what consumers really want and what will be most effective for their campaigns.

That’s why we love what Kik recently rolled out: a switch to measuring “attention metrics” – looking at how engaged a user is based on how much time passes between messages being sent. This new attention metric allows Kik to understand the habits of the person behind the screen. Kik can now account for multi-tasking, conversations that continue outside the app and even the individual user’s chat style!

In its research, Kik found:

  • The average U.S. teen on Kik engages in 6.1 chat sessions a day, at 12.7 minutes per chat session,
  • S. teen females on Kik chat 35% longer than U.S. teen males
  • Kik users are more engaged in active chat (20 seconds or less between messages sent) during the week, but they have more chat sessions during the weekend
  • Overall, Kik users spend about 21% of their time in an active chat state, and 79% in passive

As chat continues to grow in popularity, understanding how and why users engage in a platform will become essential to brands looking to be part of the conversation with their customers.

Here are some other Kik stats:


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