Marketing to Millennials: The Value of Mobile Messaging


Millennials. Brands all around the world are vying for their attention. Millennials represent a large, lucrative and influential market for advertisers and brands. They don’t buy, browse or value products like previous generations. And yet brands still try to reach them using the same old marketing mixes. Few have actually adapted their marketing mindset to reach millennials where they spend vast amounts of time: mobile messaging apps.

Mobile messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Kik and Line represent growing markets in a time when the rate of new app downloads is declining. Instead of driving people to a product webpage or asking them to download a custom app, brands investing in mobile messaging take advantage of audiences that are already established. They create campaigns that make them a welcomed part of the conversation with customers, rather than an unwanted interruption.

Swyft Media's Evan Wray explains why marketing via mobile messaging is the tool every big brand should consider adding to its arsenal. He explains the key things you should know about planning, implementing, and measuring a mobile message campaign and shares lessons from successful campaigns with Jose Cuervo and the Vatican.

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