Millennials Won’t Leggo of their Eggojis

Millennials. We’ve talked about the demographic at length and there is good reason why. Millennials make up 25% of the U.S. population and make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases, which according to, accounts for more than a trillion dollars in direct buying power. It makes sense, then, that brands have been focusing their marketing efforts on this highly influential demographic.  

What’s cool is that brands are really starting to understand the value of millennials and engaging this demographic of “buyers” and brand loyalists in new ways to create valuable content for their advertising and marketing campaigns. Recently, Kellogg released an emoji keyboard for Eggo Waffles, called Eggojis. The brand wanted to do something different and make the Eggojis stand out. To do so, as explained in this article on AdAge, Eggo brought in social influencers to create emoji art using real Eggo waffles and toppings. They then took pictures and digitized them to make them more cartoon-like and we then helped bring the Eggoji to life (or to keyboard). How cool is that? Crowd-sourced, Eggo Waffle emoji!


The Eggojis are available now in the Swyft Media network on Kik, Paltalk and Tango and available as brand keyboards in both the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes AppStore.

We’re excited to see how quickly this campaign takes off. If the Popemoji campaign launched earlier this year is any indication, emoji and GIF campaigns influenced by and targeted to millennials have proven to be highly successful. With millennials at the center of the bullseye, advertisers are able to capture the hearts, minds and even the dollars of this fast growing group of consumers.

Eggo has also taken to Twitter recently to tap their audience to find out which Eggoji should be their “official” emoji. Which one do you think Eggo should use? The winner will be unveiled on March 25, which happens to be International Waffle Day. So get your votes in and “Hey! L’Eggo my Eggo!”