Chatting With Miss Piggy: Why Brand Accounts will be the Next Wave of Millennial Engagement Campaigns

millennial brand engagement brand accounts
millennial brand engagement brand accounts

Miss Piggy may be a bit of a diva, but it hasn’t stopped her from taking to Facebook Messenger and chatting with her fans. While it may not actually be Miss Piggy herself,* but this seemingly new (remember SmarterChild from the AIM days?) phenomenon, recently covered in Time Magazine, is a great example of how brands continue to look for new ways to engage with young consumers in mobile messaging apps. Sometimes referred to as “chat bots” – the technology behind the Facebook Messenger campaign and others like it has come a long way from simple auto-responders. Brand-driven messaging accounts are now emerging as a fun, engaging and enticing way for brands to reach “fans” with branded content and offers. In this case, the campaign centered on promoting The Muppets, a resurgence of the popular television series from the 80s.

Why this approach?

We know millennials and younger consumers spend a lot of time on messaging apps. An eMarketer report recently stated that there are 1.4 billion people on mobile messaging apps and that number will increase to 2.19 billion by 2019. This generation of consumers love personalized content. They want to feel like a product or campaign is targeted specifically to them and they want to be able to share that content (that doesn’t feel like a straight-up advertisement) with their friend. This could be a slam dunk for brands.


  • The experience is opt-in. Consumers that are genuinely interested in a product/service will voluntarily engage and probably encourage their friends to do the same.
  • Brands are entering a medium that already has billions of active monthly users.
  • It’s a great way for brands to better understand the preferences of consumers. They are able to test new products and offers in market and incentivize them to make purchases, go see a film, encourage their friends to join in, etc.
  • The ripple effect… how often have you heard a millennial tell their friend “hey, go click that banner ad?” Probably never. But with things like brand accounts, they will certainly share things like coupons, movie trailers and screen captures of the witty exchange they had with their favorite brand or movie character.

Branded chat accounts fall squarely under our new ad unit offerings – Brand Accounts, as we like to call them.

With Swyft Media’s Brand Accounts, brands can establish a presence across the world’s most popular messaging apps via official brand pages, granting them scalable reach to an explosive number of messaging app users on a 1-to-1 basis. Swyft’s Brand Accounts service offers various tools and services to allow brands to use these official account pages as content hubs, where they can drive continued engagement to their audience through coupons, videos, chats, contests and more.

Consumers (especially Millennials) expect to be able to connect with brands easily and where they are spending most of their time… messaging apps. As we watch the market rapidly evolve their offerings beyond things like branded emoji and into things like branded accounts and branded video, it will be important for brands to arm themselves with the tools necessary to reach and retain the attention of younger consumers.

 *We all know that she’s too busy to address all of her fans individually

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