What's new in mobile messaging apps? Chat bots!

Evan Wray, co-founder and VP of Swyft Media, chatted with Thom Forbes at Media Post about how chat bots are the next big thing in mobile messaging apps.Below is an excerpt from the interview. The full interview can be found on MediaPost.  


Time recently ran a piece with the headline, “Chat Bots Are Back And They’re About To Take Over.” Really?

Evan Wray: You better believe it! There’s a popular report by Activate stating that mobile messaging apps have been the fastest growing online sector within the social landscape over the past five years, with 2.5 billion registered users today and an additional 1.1 billion new users expected by 2018 — totaling 3.6 billion users.

Couple that with the sophistication of today’s chat bot — or artificial intelligence technology. This is an environment in which audience engagement can flourish — and should not be ignored by marketers. The future mobile experience where commerce, services, and communications are all completed in a contextual intelligent chat thread within messaging apps — instead of through a clunky combination of mobile sites and apps — is becoming closer and closer to a present-day reality.

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