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Introducing the Swyft Media Mobile Engagement Platform

The Swyft Media Mobile Engagement Platform empowers advertisers to choose the mobile ad units they want, target those units to the consumer they want to reach, in the environments in which those consumers are most engaged, all enhanced with real-time analytics that provide insight as to how the campaign is performing.

Swyft Solutions

Audience Engagement

  • Quickly and easily launch audience engagement campaigns using branded emoji, digital stickers, photo frames, filters, videos and GIFs
  • Create advertising space in mobile environments that would have not existed otherwise
  • Substitute disruptive banners and pop-ups by seamlessly integrating branded content within the existing user flow, without disrupting the user’s experience

swyft-audience engagement

Brand Accounts

  • Establish a presence across many of the world’s most popular messaging apps via chat bots, achieving scalable reach to an increasing pool of app users
  • Drive continued engagement to your audience by promoting coupons, videos, chats, contests and more to increase your footprint within the direct messaging experience through chat bots for scalable, real time, tailored conversations
  • Acquire organic earned media through followership where mobile users are spending the majority of their time

Brand Keyboards

  • Place branded emoji, stickers, GIFs and video content in one of the most highly interactive and visible locations within the mobile ecosystem – the keyboard
  • Brand keyboards offer a degree of ubiquity that is otherwise unattainable through traditional ad buys and are designed to work across any iOS® or Android™ device
  • Create a ripple effect of social shares for unprecedented user engagement and meaningful 1 to 1 interactions at scale
brand keyboards

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Swyft Targeting

Swyft’s Mobile Engagement Platform is an evolution of the existing “ad network” model, with the newly developed ad units and branded content formats catered specifically toward engaging millennial and Gen-Z consumers. Enhanced targeting capabilities enable advertisers to target ad unit placements based on geographical information, age, app environments and contextual factors.

Swyft Targeting

Swyft Analytics

  • Swyft Media provides personalized dashboards with real-time analytics and reporting on your campaign performance and ROI
  • Track downloads, impressions, shares, hours of engagement and more
  • Visualized in-depth analysis of your campaign trends and activity

Swyft is trusted by the world’s top brands


About Swyft Media

Swyft Media helps brands and advertisers become a part of the world’s largest conversation by creating and distributing branded content that consumers want, love and share with friends across a wide variety of mobile apps. Swyft Media’s innovative Mobile Engagement Platform gives advertisers and brands an opportunity to use branded ad units like emoji, digital stickers, GIFs, photo frames, photo filters, chat and video to reach and engage millennials and young consumers in the places they spend the most time –mobile apps. The combination of Swyft’s Mobile Engagement Platform and design expertise helps brands and advertisers drive highly engaging, measurable and amplified marketing campaigns, and reach over 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide. To date, more than 300 popular global brands such as MillerCoors, Ford, MasterCard, Dell, Universal Pictures, L’Oreal and FOX have worked with Swyft to enhance their mobile engagement. Through its integrations into approximately 60 application partners, Swyft boasts one of the largest opportunities for brands to reach younger consumers in way that feels natural and unobtrusive. Swyft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holding Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE).


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